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I was helping my boss look for a professional person who can help him find a rental property in Hawaii. I had no idea how to go about this and started searching for top-rated property management in Hawaii on Yelp - this is how I stumbled upon Ms. Michelle Wood. Without hesitation, I called the number, I was initially told she does not specialize in rentals. I am so ready to hang up and move on but this very nice and professional lady went above and beyond -- recommended me the best one in the business! If ever my boss or anyone I know will need a recommendation on who to look for when finding properties in Hawaii, I suggest FIND MS. MICHELLE WOOD FIRST! She'll take care of you :)

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Updated: Feb 24

Michelle, Julayna and Debbie were awesome and easy to work with. They assisted me with selling my condo and made everything run smoothly. As you get to know Michelle, you’ll find that she is very passionate and enthusiastic about real estate, and really enjoys what she does. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions because she’ll take the time to answer it or find out the answer. Don’t be afraid to tell her to slow down or explain things again because she understands that you are not a real estate expert. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because she is there to help. Don’t be afraid to communicate your concerns because the both of you need to be on the same page. You won’t be disappointed if you are open-minded, have realistic expectations and communicate. It was a pleasure working with Michelle and her team. I won’t hesitate to contact them in the future.

- TK

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Updated: Feb 2

When you think of Honolulu, you probably think of lazy days on the beach, swaying palm trees, fruity drinks and tiki torches by night. And while you can find all that and then some in Waikiki, travel a few minutes down Ala Moana Boulevard and you'll find yourself immersed in a new and exciting urban-living culture: Kakaako.

Hawaiian Royalty once lived in the Kaka’ako. Native Hawaiians used Kaka'ako for salt making, fishpond farming, and wetland agriculture, but until recently it has been left to lapse into a rundown warehouse district.

Not any more.

Kaka'ako has quickly become to place to be and to be seen. Gleaming condos rise like phoenixes around shimmering blue ocean and exciting new shopping and nightlife venues are popping up with speed.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the farmer's market while hunting for murals, or take in a 5-star meal at one of the many exciting restaurants. The heart of Ward Village is at the intersection of Auahi St. and Kamake’e St. You can find everything from bigger brand names to specialty only-in-Hawaii items.

Kaka'ako is eminently walkable and is home to two future rail stations, making owning a car optional. With downtown Honolulu a short walk to the west and Waikiki a leisurely stroll to the east, Kaka'ako is truly an exciting place to call home.

In addition to the rich shopping, eating and entertainment options, several condominiums are going up in the area. The addition of local residents will bring new life and flavor to an already vibrant place.

Some of the most popular and luxurious buildings in Kaka’ako are:

*Prices reflect the active listings as of today.

WAIEA (2016) Prices: $2,000,000 - $32,000,000

ANAHA (2017) Prices: $800,000 - $18,000,000

PARK LANE (2017) Prices: $1,800,000 - $23,000,000

KOOLANI Prices: $1,025,000 - $2,180,000

HOKUA Prices: $2,288,000 - $6,900,000.

KEOLA LAI Prices: $785,000 - $1,099,000

WAIHONUA Prices: $1,075,000 - $2,790,000

COLLECTION Prices: $775,000 - $1,350,000

KEAUHOU PLACE Prices: $717,000 to $1,275,000

WAIHONUA Prices: $1,075,000 - $2,790,000

PACIFICA Prices: $665,000 - $1,395,000

NAURU TOWER Prices: $929,000 - $1,795,000

There are many changes in Kaka’ako and they are very exciting, transforming what once was a commercial area into a vibrant lively neighborhood.

Condo projects to be completed and upcoming:

SKY ALA MOANA (2022/2023) Prices: $550,000 - $1,000,000+


‘A’ALI’I AT WARD VILLAGE (2021) Prices: $650,000 - $1,400,000

KO’ULA AT WARD VILLAGE (2022) Prices: $800,000 - $2,400,000

AZURE ALA MOANA (2022) Prices: $700,000 to $2,200,000

Call Michelle today for more information!

(808) 218-2899

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